Skam France : season 4 to the height of the previous one ? We have seen the first few episodes

After a season 3, which has totally won over the public, “Skam France” continues from yesterday with a new season centered this time on Imane. This season 4 is as successful as the previous ? We could see the first few episodes. GTV With 28 million video views (all platforms and sequences combined), season 3 of Skam France, which ended Friday, more than ever, allowed the remake of the French series Norwegian Skam to pass at the speed superior and to establish itself as a real phenomenon. The “fault” of the love story between Lucas and Elliott, a passionate and overwhelming, that has made this third series of episodes centered on the awakening to homosexuality Lucas a moment of grace, written with a lot of accuracy and realism, to which many younger viewers seem to have managed to identify. Yes but now, after 10 episodes, Lucas and Elliott, portrayed respectively by Axel Auriant and Maxence Danet-Fauvel, will have to go to the second plan to allow Imane (Assa Sylla) enter in turn in the light. Because the heroine of season 4 of Skam France, the first sequence of a few minutes, was put online yesterday, this is it. Recessed so far in the crew of girls, despite his strong character, Imane will finally be at the center of the plot via themes new strong and important, namely, the religion and the faith. And if one believes the first three episodes that we were able to view first-hand, France TV Slash could well be on the verge of offering us a season to fly high… Imane takes us into his universe, One thing is clear from the beginning of this season 4 : the girls are back on the front of the stage. And then they get the idea to go on vacation together (they needed a new objective after the organization of the evening in season 1, and the renovation of the home in season 3) and looking for the ideal destination with the help of Ingrid (Zoe Marchal), which seems to gradually join the crew, Manon, Emma, Daphne and Alexia are struggling to achieve what crosses Imane. The teenager, a muslim, who until now is still managed to find a fair balance between the practice of her religion and her high school life with his friends, sees his certainties called into question in the course of the first episode of this new batch. And it’s all because of a boy. GTV is The strength of this season 4, which resumes the plot of the season Norwegian focused on Sana, is finally to take us into the world of Iman, at her home, with her parents and her big brother Idriss (Moussa Sylla). In order to draw up, in a very fair way, as always with Skam France, the portrait of a high school girl muslim black of today, who must cope with intolerance, racism, but also with the expectations of his family, his own relation to the faith, his vision of the world, and its desires are sometimes contradictory. In fact, from the first episode, Imane discovers that Sofiane, the best friend of her brother, who had gone to live a year in Australia, is back in France. And she can’t help but be troubled by the young dancer, who immediately noted that she has “grown” and “changed” since the last time he does not seem, either, to be insensitive to its charm. For the first time, while she was vraisemblabement prohibited, Imane is facing her teenage passions. And a choice will then introduce you to her : continue to follow the path of the driving path that it has always borrowed, or listen to his heart, with all the risks that this represents. An earthquake named Sofiane Like Marilyn Lima and Axel Auriant before her, who have had the opportunity to shine during their respective seasons, Assa Sylla reveals himself totally in this season 4 that makes beautiful use of her character. Thanks to a more fragile, the young actress manages, in effect, to touch us in the heart and proves, as we had guessed from the beginning of the series, that Imane is one of the characters in the deepest and most complex of Skam France. And series ado requires, it is finally through a possible love story – land that didn’t appear to be interested until then-or in any case via an awakening of his feelings, that Imane takes off. After the tornado Eliott in the beginning of the year, which has enabled Lucas to accept and has melted the hearts of fans, now has the “earthquake” Sofiane, who will turn everything upside down in the life of Imane. GTV Laish Salameh, the interpreter of Sofiane, seen in the first season of Jack Ryan, made a remarkable entry in the family Skam France as early as the third preview of season 4, posted online today. There is, indeed, something of solar at home, which radiates the screen. A smile pest, too. And alchemy is pretty amazing with Assa Sylla, immediately palpable, that leaves us to hope that, after the couples Manon-Charles and Lucas-Elliott, a new great love story is on the verge of being born with Imane-Sofiane. A story that will make us vibrate throughout the 10 episodes of this new season. Praying that it is not the last, even if for the moment nothing is assured about the future of Skam France beyond. But the good news is that if the series ends after the fourth season, she will leave on a successful season, the little that we have been able to see, which manages to give new a real place in the crew of girls, and not just to Imane. When Imane found Sofiane :

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